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Networking 101

Networking March 8th, 2007

A couple of years ago I hosted a training session for our field IT personnel that had varying degrees of experience in networking.  I set aside a day and put together a presentation I called ‘Networking 101’.  I wanted to get them thinking of the overall corporate wide-area-network instead of just their local piece of the puzzle.  I received a lot of positive feedback within the company on the presentation, so I wondered if anyone else might find it useful.  It’s basically a mini Network+ course that followed the OSI model and added some Windows based network stuff.  Some of it may be out-dated for you (yes, we still had coax segments in our older facilties), so you can use what you find relevant.

Take a look and hopefully you’ll find it useful.

Networking 101 Presentation (PowerPoint)

Networking 101 Presentation (PDF)

Episode 1

Podcast March 8th, 2007

We are rolling now.  Here is the official Episode 1 of A Couple Of Admins Podcasting.  Rich and I recorded this a bit impromptu and I didn’t have the sound settings tweaked on my new setup yet, so I apologize if the quality is not that great.  I’ll work on grasping the finer points of mixing as we go to cut down on post-production editing.

The topics for this episode are:

  • Introductions to your hosts Keith and Rich
  • Building a WiFi cantenna
  • Cygwin
  • Application development
  • Wikipedia
  • A discussion on work/life balance for traveling admins

Please post your feeback both good and bad here or via email to

Thanks and we hope you enjoy.

A Couple Of Admins Podcasting: Episode 1