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256MB Thumb Drive for $5

Geek Stuff March 13th, 2007


Kingston Traveller Mini Fun


OK, so this may only be for those of you in the Mid-Atlantic region(PA,NJ,DE,MD,VA), but I thought it was a good deal to pass along. 

While browsing the FiveBelow store (Similar to the Dollar Store concept – only $5 max) on my lunch break, I came across Kingston brand 256MB USB thumb drives for $5.

They also had Kingston 256MB SD cards for $5 as well.  I picked up a couple and found that aside from the odd design on the thumb drive and the need to delete the two crappy demo games that came on them, they work well.  In the age of 2GB drives, these aren’t the greatest. But, at $5 each, it’s a cheap and easy way to keep some extra storage in your bag.  Rich is going to get an early Christmas present this year.

I already have two other drives for my PortableApps and a Linux DSL VM, but as more portable apps become available I’ll have some drives to load them on.  I’d also like to create a TrueCrypt traveller disk ( so I don’t have to pull out my USB hard drive to store sensitive info.

Happy shopping. 

NOTE: You can use the store locator on the company website ( to find out if there is one near you.  Oh, and they are a good place for iPod accessories (skins, car/home chargers, travel speakers, etc.) all $5 or less.

A Nice Surprise

Desktops, Vendors March 13th, 2007

First, let me tell you that this comment is out of character for me (just ask my wife).  I tend to be very cynical and do not toss out compliments like this very readily.  I recently purchased a quantity of desktop computers at work and I have to give Gateway credit on their initial software load.  I had been expecting to find a ton of preload junk on the systems that I would have to uninstall or force me to start from scratch to build an image.  Given my experience with other vendors, I expected I would need to de-crapify the system before it’s usable or to prevent dealing with a dozen ‘courtesy’ subscriptions expiring and consuming resources to remind you to hand over your credit card.  However, I only found three items that needed removal; a browser error re-director, Google toolbar and Symantec AntiVirus.  (Only to load our own licensed copy and prevent problems with the free subscription expiring).  Yes, some de-crapifying had to be done, but nowhere near what I expected.

I guess I was so surprised at my good fortune given the way the PC industry is these days.  I don’t know if any other vendors are planning to follow suit, but I certainly hope so.