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Show Us You’re Listening

Feedback, Podcast June 20th, 2007

Rich and I have been examining the web site statistics over the past couple weeks and are excited to see the number of listeners we have (and hope to keep). Since the web site statistics don’t tell it all, I set up a Frappr map and hope you will take a minute to drop a pin so we know where you are.

Thanks again for listening.


Work-Life Balance

Career, General Interest June 20th, 2007

I know; Rich and I discussed this on an earlier podcast.  Rather than bring this up on another show, I’ll just refer you to the article. 

I think this is an issue that most IT professionals have to address and I had my own struggles as well.  If you are experiencing this in your career, I’d advise you to pay particular attention to tip #1 – Ask yourself hard questions.

Do this after you’ve run through the rest of the tips since the results from those will affect your ability to answer those questions.  For me, I found that maintaining boundaries, delegation and strict scheduling wouldn’t and couldn’t work in the work environment I was in.

Take a few minutes to read the full article.

CIO Magazine: Five Sensible Tips for Achieving Work-Life Balance