Recorded: August 7, 2007
Your Hosts: Keith Albright, Rich Niemeier, Ted Miller, and Otto Kopeczky
Show Length: 1:34:52

This marks the first of ‘Special Topics’ episodes. As we discussed in previous shows, we’ve removed the ‘Main Topic’ section of the show and put it out on it’s own as a round-table discussion. If this works, we are hoping to release a new episode each week alternating between the regular show format and these special topic round-tables.

As for this episode, we previously kicked around tidbits on preserving your digital data safely and securely and decided to do an in-depth discussion. We are joined by Otto Kopeczky, a friend of Ted’s, to add some new viewpoints on the matter. We cover the various types of medias, the myths and realities surrounding their longevity as an archival medium, and some best practices to help preserve your digital data.

Here is a brief outline:

Media Deterioration

  • Best practices
  • Different Types of media (CD, USB, HDD, etc)
  • Life Expectancies for each type
  • Media variations (eg. CD-R lasts longer than CD-RW)
  • Factors: Humidity, temperature, sunlight exposure, pressure

Technical Obsolescence of media

  • Not just physical media, data format as well
  • JPG vs. BMP, MP3 vs. WMV, etc.
  • Open vs. proprietary

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