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Episode 14 – It’s Plausible

Geek Stuff, General Interest, Networking, Podcast August 31st, 2007

Recorded: August 28, 2007
Your Hosts: Keith Albright, Rich Niemeier, and Steve Murawski

Show Length: 1:59:32

Steve Murawski joins us again for this regular format show. We hold a lengthy discussion on open WiFi and the legal implications as well as how these cases may affect the innovation and use of WiFi by companies like Fon, etc. We also cover Acer’s purchase of Gateway and the ‘consumerization of IT’. Some technical segments on load balancing and ISP failover on a BSD box, stupid IP address tricks, and a couple utilities to round it up.

Take note of the promos for the Podcamp Philly Un-Conference and plan to attend. We end with our website picks and as usual, we hope you enjoy.
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Keith’s 1st Pick: Stupid Waste of Time

Keith’s 2nd Pick: Even More Stupid Waste Of Time (NOTE: NSFW)

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Episode 13 – The Luck Continues……

Podcast August 31st, 2007

Hey everybody. If you’ve listened to Lucky Episode 13, you’ve probably found it has a surprise ending. The surprise being that it has no ending. Listener Doug emailed to alert me to the fact that the conversation just cuts off. Even worse, I can’t blame Rich or Steve for this snafu. The blame is all on me.

In our initial recording session, Audacity stopped recording an hour into the show. We re-recorded the last part of the show and I intended to just stitch them together. I don’t know what happened, I thought at first I accidentally finish-edited and released just the original first half, but after listening, it includes most of our re-recorded conversations.

I will fix the original file and repost the complete file for download.

Thanks again for your patience.