I was able to make it back to Podcamp Philly for Day 2.  This time I was prepared and brought a camera (two in fact).  Here are a couple of shots……

Me & Bre Pettis of the Make Podcast

Me and Bre Pettis of the Make Magazine video podcast.  He had us do a serious shot and a casual shot.  I look like a lunatic in the serious shot, so I posted this one.

Mark Blevis' session on Developing Communities

Sitting in on Mark Blevis’ session on developing communities.  Mark produces several podcasts and also taught some great sessions on audio editing techniques.

General shot of the registration area.

Day two saw some drop off in attendance (I didn’t think I was even going to make it), but the numbers were still very good.

T. Marrone Artist and Podcaster

Todd Morrone from Used Wigs Radio dropped in and was offering free artwork generated on the spot.  He even made it interactive and had you begin the drawing with a few lines and he would flesh it out.  I drew a basic representation of the Apple logo and have a video of him developing it out to a beautiful Picasso-esque pair of faces. (I’m probably getting the art terms wrong, but it is definitely beautiful work).  I am going to try to post the video somehow as you just have to see it.

Chris Penn on Podcast Marketing

Chris Penn of the Financial Aid Podcast teaching how to market your podcast, demographics, etc.  Very informative.

 That was it for me.  If you want to see notes of the sessions, visit the Mike Tech Show or Caffination Podcast websites as Mike and Paul  were blogging their notes in real time.  Mike even UStreamed a couple sessions on Sunday and you can find them there.

Keep an eye out for a Podcamp coming to your area and plan to attend.  If you can help out with organizing or hosting a session, please do so.  I intend to get involved next year now that I know it exists. 


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    CaffiNation Paul
    September 10th, 2007 at 2:59 pm

    Hi Keith,

    Great shots. I spent most of my time slack jawed trying to soak up as much of the information as I could, i should have been shooting pics and taping as well.. Great times, and Glad to meet you. You have a new listener to your show now as well! I wish they had video / audio posted to download at the site. But no audio of the presentations yet. Anyway enough rambling.

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