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Episode 16 – Popcorn’s Ready!

Podcast September 13th, 2007

Recorded: September 11, 2007

Your Hosts: Keith Albright, Rich Niemeier, and Steve Murawski

Show Length: 1:21:03

Regular show this time. If you were expecting a Special Topics episode, we’ve decided we won’t be doing them every other episode. It will probably be once per month.

In this episode; Rich tells how popcorn can kill you, Keith’s report on Podcamp Philly, and Steve reports on the Open ID Project. Steve has some good things to say about Microsoft’s Windows PowerShell and DevCenter. Keith talks about problems trying to buy Allied Telesis switches, a good article on UTM, and a timely utility gleaned from the ‘Casting From The Server Room’ podcast.

We round it out with our website picks and, as usual, we hope you enjoy.

Links mentioned in this show:

Other podcasts mentioned in this show:

PaulDotCom Security Weekly

Casting From The Server Room

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Website Picks:

Steve’s Pick: Krav Maga Martial Arts

Keith’s Pick: Cool Tools (ROT-13 Encrypt/Decrypt)


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