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Seagate’s new line of hard drives | Tech News on ZDNet

Uncategorized September 6th, 2007

Seagate’s new line of hard drives | Tech News on ZDNet

We have talked in the past episodes about backing things up to hard disk. Well Seagate seems to have a drive “DAVE” (digital audio video experience) that can do all that and more. But if your not going to let it become dormit make sure you back it up to something else.

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Episode 15 – Now With Teflon!

Geek Stuff, General Interest, Patches, Podcast, Rants, Security, SPAM, Wiki September 5th, 2007

Recorded: September 4, 2007

Your Hosts: Keith Albright, Rich Niemeier, Ted Miller, and Steve Murawski


Show Length: 1:50:33
Ted returns this week for a regular format show. We discuss some recent news items; Microsoft shuts down AutoPatcher, SpamHaus gets a legal reprieve, and Sony introduces rootkit 2.0. Rich discusses the appropriateness of companies editing their Wikipedia articles and a look into the future of video on the Internet. Steve discusses employees Cyberslacking habits and the effect on companies. We end with our website picks and as usual, we hope you enjoy.

A reminder for Podcamp Philly. Keith will definitely be there on Saturday and possibly Sunday. Drop him a note at Keith [at] if you want to meet up for lunch.
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The IT Crowd – Season 2 it has Started!!!

Uncategorized September 1st, 2007

You can watch the episode 1 of season2 @


I wish the UK would let me purchase a legal copy of the first season.
If You have no idea what I am talking about go to Channel4 in the UK’s  web-site
The IT Crowd is a comedy about an IT department for a company in the UK.
The problem is that the UK has some law that does not allow people in other countries to download their TV shows. So I have mostly been able to view the first season by searching you-tube and other such sites.