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Secure Delete

Automation, Desktops, General Interest, Scripting, Security October 29th, 2007

I caught this one recently on an episode of CyberSpeak (10/15 show)…..

There are a lot of “secure” file deletion applications out there, but these two look quick and simple and can be used on-the-fly from a thumb drive or automated in a script.

SDelete from Sysinternals/Microsoft

Cipher (included with Windows 2000 and above)

Assuming you do the right thing and migrate all of your confidential data to an encrypted TrueCrypt volume, what do you do with the old copies of the data? You can securely erase the data using these tools so that the only recoverable copy is in your encrypted volume.

Some systems use a data interchange folder to integrate two disparate systems. One system will drop an export file in the directory and the other system will import the file from the directory. I’ve seen POS systems integrate to credit card processing systems in this manner. With this tool, you can script a cron job to regularly securely delete the interchange files in the directory.

Just another layer of security to consider.

Episode 21 – Return Of The Tedi

Podcast October 26th, 2007

Recorded: October 24, 2007
Your Hosts: Keith Albright, Rich Niemeier, Ted Miller, and Steve Murawski
Show Length: 1:20:22

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy.

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Turn On Your Podlinez

Associations, Geek Stuff, Podcast October 25th, 2007

Check this out. Now you can listen to some of your favorite podcasts without an internet connection. Sure, it’ll cost you long distance or at least some minutes on your cell plan, but honestly….aren’t we worth it?

OK, OK so it’s probably not worth ditching your iPod, Gigabeat, or Archos, but it will do in a pinch.

You can now listen to the Couple Of Admins show using Podlinez by calling +1 (801) 349-3833.

Check out the other great podcasts you can listen to over the phone by visiting



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Looking to waste some time?

Uncategorized October 22nd, 2007

Here is a link to a couple games that are simple and simply fun.

This one I got originally from XPNEWS

Check them out and let me know if you have any other fun time wasters.

I wonder how much money a site like this can make off of advertising?

PowerShell Scripts and Functions

Scripting October 19th, 2007

I’ve included a few scripts and functions that I’ve found useful in playing around with PowerShell.  There are probably better/easier ways of doing these things, and many of my scripting ideas were gleaned from the blogs/podcasts/websites of those who are better with PowerShell than I.

That said, download the scripts, improve them, delete them…

Scripts: (can be run from the PowerShell command prompt)

    – This script will get a listing of all the computer accounts in the current Active Directory Domain.

    -This script is based off of the previous one and checks all the computers that have Active Directory accounts and are live on the network (respond to pings) for their serial number via WMI.

Functions: (create a function that can be used from the command prompt)


    – This function will take as input a RSS Feed link and return a listing of the names of the posts and their links.  The default feed is for “A Couple Of Admins Podcasting”.

    – This function takes either a string as an argument or (with the -file) switch, you can supply the name of a saved SQL query (either a .txt file or .sql file).  This function needs to be updated with your database connection information.

**In order to make the functions available from the command line, you have to “dot source” them.**


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Episode 20 – Holy Hand Grenade

Podcast October 18th, 2007

Recorded: October 16, 2007

Your Hosts: Keith Albright, Rich Niemeier, and Steve Murawski

Show Length: 1:22:16

Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.

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Paul Dot Com Security Weekly

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I like the looks of this ->

Uncategorized October 15th, 2007

I saw this and though, wow instead of carrying around a full size access point this is nice. It’s portable and has a nice convenient case. As well it operates in numerous modes. I think an item like this is a must have for a traveling Network Administrator. I also see it useful by people who do training and sales.

Have you seen other products like this? Let me know.


Episode 19 – The Da-geeky Code

Podcast October 10th, 2007

Recorded: October 9, 2007

Your Hosts: Keith Albright & Rich Niemeier

Show Length: 1:12:57

Rich and I talk about some recent news items; Gateway buys Packard Bell and nobody cares, VMWare announces packages targeting SMB market, and Microsoft backs off on WGA….a little. Oh yeah, and they more or less admit Vista stinks.

Some listener feedback and our website picks rounds it out. Thanks for listening and, as usual, we hope you enjoy.

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Other podcasts mentioned in this show:

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Keith: Geek Code/OmniCode

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Episode 18 – On The Road Again

Podcast October 5th, 2007

Recorded: October 2, 2007

Your Hosts: Keith Albright & Steve Murawski

Show Length: 38:36

Live from the St. Louis.  I’m traveling on business, but Steve and I were able to get together for a short show tonight.  Show notes will be a little sparse until I can get some time to put them together.  In the interim, we hope you enjoy.

I hope the volume and recording quality is decent, I had to use a portable rig for the first time and I didn’t have much time to test before we recorded.

Thanks for listening.

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MojoPac Free Version

Uncategorized October 5th, 2007

Right now MojoPac has a free version for download. This portable application lets you take regular windows applications with you from PC to PC. Give it a try and let me know what you think……