I caught this one recently on an episode of CyberSpeak (10/15 show)…..

There are a lot of “secure” file deletion applications out there, but these two look quick and simple and can be used on-the-fly from a thumb drive or automated in a script.

SDelete from Sysinternals/Microsoft

Cipher (included with Windows 2000 and above)

Assuming you do the right thing and migrate all of your confidential data to an encrypted TrueCrypt volume, what do you do with the old copies of the data? You can securely erase the data using these tools so that the only recoverable copy is in your encrypted volume.

Some systems use a data interchange folder to integrate two disparate systems. One system will drop an export file in the directory and the other system will import the file from the directory. I’ve seen POS systems integrate to credit card processing systems in this manner. With this tool, you can script a cron job to regularly securely delete the interchange files in the directory.

Just another layer of security to consider.


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    Steven Murawski
    October 29th, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    While you are grabbing SDelete, grab the whole Sysinternals Suite, which contains tools like TCPView (GUI version of Netstat, with some additional features), Process Monitor (which shows you which files and registry keys are being accessed by individual processes), Process Explorer (better version of Task Manager), Autoruns (find and stop those pesky autostart programs), and more..

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