I just wanted to post a copy of this email that I received. Why, you might ask? Because this one almost got me. I pay my bills but do use EBay. When I saw this I thought “what the heck I better get this cleared up”. My first instinct was to click the link on the email. I did not but rather went strait to EBay. There was nothing listed on my account and or in my messages. I have gone through disputes with things before and know I would have seen something here. So just for fun I followed the link.

I got this;

Well I tried to dissect it a bit. The IP did not resolve to a domain. So, I used an online locator service. It appears it is owned by an ISP in China.

So, the moral of the story. Keep it a Happy Holidays. Question emails that you are not expecting, and verify them a different way before accepting them as valid.


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