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Windows Server Staging Procedure

Geek Stuff, Networking, Security, Servers June 26th, 2008

My apologies for the long delay in getting this out. This is a sanitized version of my Server Staging Checklist for Windows 2000/2003 servers. I use this as a guide when staging new servers to prevent missing those little detail tweaks. The original document was developed as part of a comprehensive set of policies and procedures at my former company to promote standard server builds throughout my line of business. I used our corporate server groups document as a basis and modified and added to it to suit our environment. You may have different requirements in your organization, but hopefully it will serve as a foundation for you.

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Windows Server Staging Procedure

Hyper-V Releases Today

Servers June 26th, 2008

Via Greg Shields at the Concentrated Technology blog

Hyper-V is being released today.  I really excited about Hyper-V and am going to be deploying it in my environment soon, to replace some Virtual Server 2005 installs.

I’ve used it a bit in a test environment and it works great.  More information here.

Episode 56 – Would I? Should I?

Podcast June 26th, 2008

Recorded: June 24, 2008
Your Hosts: Rich Niemeier and Keith Albright
Show Length: 51:37

Keith makes his singing debut on this show. It’s a rough cut and I hope to re-record it and make it much better. The logo contest is running until June 30th. Submit your entries to Contest [at] The winner gets their choice of either a full retail copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Standard or $25 cash.

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy.

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