OK, so last week I asked everyone for their war-stories on worst technology projects/implementation experiences.  Let’s turn it around and ask for your best experiences.

Tell us your story.


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    September 18th, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    The best experience would have to be a server install that started off terrible and ended up great.

    Two of us were contracted to install a new 2003 server in a 50-user network. The old server was an ancient 2000 SBS server. The old server had a new backup device that they wanted moved to the new server. We decided to move the hardware and put the new server in place first before we started the migration. Well the old server was shut down and never came back up. Blue screen galore! We spent about 2 hours trying to bring it back. It was definitely a hardware problem but since the parts were so old it was nearly impossible to swap them for new parts. To add insult to injury, the main reason the server was being replaced was that, even though the backup was new, it hadn’t backed up in over a month.

    So as my colleague configured the workstations, I had the job of bringing back the data and most importantly the Exchange databases. It wasn’t too long until I found a product from OnTrack called PowerControls. This let me mount the exchange databases (mailboxes and public folders) and export them to PST’s or just regular folders. It took a while to convince the administration to fork over the $1000 for this, but after I explained they have no e-mail, it was pretty fast. All together it took about an hour from installation to the recovery of the database. From there it was just migrating it to the new server. That product worked like a charm! I would highly recommend it! It saved us many extra days of possible work.

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