Recently, I posted a script that would map out various Active Directory objects using Doug Finke’s Show-Netmap script and the .NetMap research project from Microsoft.

Doug Finke was recently a featured guest on the Powerscripting Podcast and was talking about using .NetMap with PowerShell.  I was able to be in the Ustream audience during that show and asked if Doug was aware of what was happening with the .NetMap project, since the Codeplex project was unavailable.  One possible explanation was that a developer had left Microsoft and perhaps there were some intellectual property issues.

Well, I found out some of what happened.  One of the developers did, indeed, leave Microsoft to join Telligent, but the project has resurfaced under the name NodeXL.  All of the goodness that was .NetMap is now NodeXL and available on Codeplex.

I’ve modified the Show-Netmap script to Show-NodeXLMap, and updated the Get-ADMapObject script to the Show-ADObject script.  Both the Show-NodeXLMap and Show-ADObject scripts now support adding color to the maps.


./Show-ADObject -ShowADClasses #Lists out all the available Classes or types you can map out

./Show-ADObject -ADClass group, organizationalunit, contact -Colorize #Maps out the groups, contacts, and OU’s.  Groups will have one color, contacts a second color and OU’s a third.  The color key will print out to the console.

./Show-ADObject group, organizationalunit, contact -MapLayout Grid

I’ll be updating and re-posting my Group Association script to support the new NodeXL project and colored objects.

You can download all the necessary files (except the Quest AD Cmdlets) here.

If you are interested in this type of network mapping, check out Doug’s other examples.



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