Twitter is an interesting ecosystem.  Tweets on every topic under the sun (and some that aren’t) are flying by at an ever increasing speed. 

Some people in various groups of interest have tried to reign in some of the chaos by coming up with lists of people interested in various topics (like my PowerShell Twitterers list).

The problem with these types of lists is that they require some work to maintain and can quickly become outdated.  Here’s where TweeterTags comes in to play. is a site that allows you to tag Twitter account with your areas of interest.  By tagging yourself, you make it easier to find other like-minded people and make it easier for others with the same interest to find you.

TweeterTags exposes a RESTful api, and Jeff Hicks quickly wrote a script (Get-TweeterTaggedUser) to take advantage of it.

Thanks to Jonathan Noble and his associates for this innovative site!

I’ve tagged myself, how about you?

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