Book Club #6

Book Club, Show Stuff February 10th, 2011

The sixth installment of our Mind Of Root Book Club will be covering Chapter 7 in The Practice of Systems and Network Administration.We’ll review Chapter 7 on February 24th, so post your comments or send in your feedback!Chapter 7 covers Networking, in all it’s glory.  Some questions to focus our review are:

  1. Do you have a network diagram?  (physical and logical)
  2. What redundancy does your network design provide?
  3. How do you label your network cables and endpoints?
  4. Where do you do your routing? (Static routes on hosts, routers, layer 3 switches, etc..) And where do you do your access control lists (ACLs)?
  5. Do you segment your network with VLANs?
  6. How do you monitor your network?

Feel free to comment on any aspect of the chapter though.

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