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Administering AD like Houdini

Podcast August 27th, 2010

So, really I am not Houdini. Over the last several weeks I have been dealing with having almost all the little power I had to AD be taken away.

Right now, I can view objects and, add users to groups.

I used to be able to manage user passwords, login scripts, home directories, and basic description fields. But only in a division specific container. All this was manageable but left me unable to take advantage of large portions of AD.

So why did I , really my peers and I get our  limited privileges taken way.  Apparently we failed an audit. Someone was turning on disabled accounts without documenting this action. Not sure if this means intentionally disabled accounts by corporate? or accounts that I disabled and then re-enabled? Accounts that were locked out from failed password attempts?

Maybe you can see the issue already? “communication” It is hard to follow rules that are not clearly defined.

Also, they want us to log reasons for these actions. No one has ever trained me how to record reasons for these actions.

Over the years I have trained myself how to discover these types of things. I also, assume many things. Like if there is a method available to the end user to call a service center to re-enable disabled accounts. I have them use this method, kinda. There are times and places when a 9-5 Monday – Friday service center does not work for an event based business that has a large percentage of events on the weekend. Sometimes I am certain I have bent the rules as I felt was necessary.

I will quit with my rant.

I will find a way to exist within these new walls and try to minimize the impact it has on my responsiveness to the field . [=]

Why you might ask?

Because, there are a lot of advantages we have gained from a centrally managed authentication structure that is tided in with the employee payroll system. A good deal of automation has occurred that helps in regards to removing employees who are no longer with the company. It is also nice to have a centrally managed environment as I have employees that work at multiple sites.

PXE boot no small task

Podcast August 12th, 2010

I guess if I wanted to use the Microsoft product. Or if I could I might not be looking for an alternate solution. I have very limit access to active directory.

So I found an open source project 

that looks promising.

All I want is a way to pxe boot at a remote site for emergency services. I don’t want the application to run unless I start it.

May be it’d easier than I think. What’s UP IT Doc’s?

Just an Observation

Podcast August 7th, 2010

So, I was sitting having lunch at work the other day. The chef got a call from the general manager he in turn asked the warehouse manager a question. The warehouse manager used a database application to answer the question. Does any one see a problem with this? If technology is there to make peoples lives easier how is that a simple question required 3 people to become involved?

We need someone that can develop software that is stupid proof or is it just the human condition?

O K – yes we are still here

Podcast May 12th, 2010

Steve, has gotten into a spot where his job is asking more of him than he expected.

I have never fully committed to any of the production other than showing up to discuss topics. I think at this point I will commit to our listeners to at least blog about topics until we can get back on track.

So  basically no Ustream tonight

Technology Versus – Leadership

Podcast August 10th, 2009

Those who lead disinterested in the value technology can play in their success, breed followers who take no ownership of the future of technology in their jobs. Where by dooming technology to fail.

IT Crowd

Podcast August 7th, 2009

I am patiently waiting for Season 4 of IT crowd.

The Sorting Hat – A Kixtart login script

Podcast April 28th, 2009

I just wanted to share a login script I have finished. This script will identify based upon the subnet of the site the correct login script to execute. This I hope will make it easier to manage users who work at multiple sites that use the same domain for authentication. Allowing them to easily use their same authentication but get correct drive mappings without being a management hassle.

 I have also attached the functions.kix file I used that has functions that this script is dependent upon. If your not familiar with Kixtart visit 

Files :


Sorting Hat.kix

Sorting Hat Functions.kix

Episode 41 – Star Blazers

Podcast March 6th, 2008

Recorded: March 4, 2008
Your Hosts: Keith Albright, Rich Niemeier, and Steve Murawski
Show Length: 54:58

My apologies if you are a fellow Star Blazers fan. I played the theme song at the end, but it wouldn’t play properly no matter how I edited. I’ll throw a link in the blog if you want it.

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy.

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Episode 40 – Twist Ties

Podcast February 27th, 2008

Recorded: February 26, 2008
Your Hosts: Keith Albright, Rich Niemeier, and Justo Morales
Show Length: 1:13:34

Apologies for going a little long this time. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy.

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Farewell to a Podcast respected by many, ITT

Uncategorized December 16th, 2007

When I first started listening to podcasts, In The Trenches was the one I would not miss. I would have a hard time waiting for their next show to be published.

I think ITT set the benchmark for many other podcasts. As well as inspiring podcasts like A Couple of Admins.
Kevin and George thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with so many. You will be missed.