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We’re Back!

Hosting, Rants, Vendors March 19th, 2007


Actual Error


Just to give a quick update to the four people that visit the site………

In order to get up and running quickly, I used the blog package offered by our hosting company.  It’s a nice package (WordPress), however, they ran into a ‘glitch’ on friday night and the site came down.  I called Saturday and they said they were working on it and that it was a known problem.  Having been in similar situations myself and this not being anything mission critical, I didn’t press the issue.  It finally came back up Monday morning (right about the time I WAS going to call and press the issue). 

I guess I should have invested the time up front and loaded my own software rather than rely on the hosting company.  That will have to be my next project.

My apologies for the outage (if anyone noticed beside Rich and myself).  Hopefully fixing the ‘glitch’ will not cause Milton to stop receiveing his paycheck either.