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Philly Tech Guys – Live Today

Philly Tech Guys, Podcamp Philly 2008, Podcasts September 6th, 2008

Live from land of soft pretzels and cheesesteaks, it’s the Philly Tech Guys…

The Philly Tech Guys crew:

Keith Albright from the Mind Of Root podcast

Paul Rj Muller from the CaffiNation podcast

Mike Smith from the Mike Tech Show 

Steve Cherubino from the Podnutz and Podnutz Daily podcast 

Hit the Mike Tech Show UStream channel to view the live broadcast at 3pm ET today.

Philly Tech Guys

Geek Stuff, Philly Tech Guys, Podcast, Podcasts, Show Stuff August 4th, 2008

I had the opportunity to participate in the very first Philly Tech Guys roundtable podcast this past Saturday.  Mike Smith from the Mike Tech Show organized and produced the whole show and it was great.  Steve Cherubino from the Podnutz and Podnutz Daily podcasts rounded out the cast and we had a good time talking about independent consulting and handling issues related to being the go-to geek for family and friends.

We hope to do this monthly and Steve has setup a Philly Tech Guys site where the show will likely move.   The next Philly Tech Guys show is scheduled to record on September 6th, 2008 live at Podcamp Philly 2008.  Paul Muller from the Caffination podcast will be there as well.  The show will be streamed live on and I’ll post the exact time as soon as it is known.

Mike released the audio as show #199 through his podcast feed.  Take a listen here.  You can also watch the show as recorded on  I’m the doofus in the red shirt with the antique laptop.