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Geek President

Career, Geek Stuff, General Interest, Promote Us July 25th, 2008

Well, as if work and home life aren’t hectic enough, now I’m apparently running for president.

News3Online Breaking News

Many thanks to Cali Lewis at GeekBrief for the link to the site.

Look for us on UStream tonight

Podcast, Podcasts, Promote Us, Show Stuff, Video April 29th, 2008

This is our second experiment with a live forum.  Things didn’t work so well with the Skype conference call and we don’t know why.  I figured I’d give UStream a try since so many others use it.  Since this is a test, we cannot guarantee it’s success.  Also, as of now I’m the only one you will see but you will be able to hear everything.

Barring any problems; we will be on around 9:30PM Eastern time.  We usually start show prep around 9PM, so we should be live by 9:30PM.

You can access the stream here and we are going to record the broadcasts for people to find via UStream.  We hope to see you there.