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A Nice Surprise

Desktops, Vendors March 13th, 2007

First, let me tell you that this comment is out of character for me (just ask my wife).  I tend to be very cynical and do not toss out compliments like this very readily.  I recently purchased a quantity of desktop computers at work and I have to give Gateway credit on their initial software load.  I had been expecting to find a ton of preload junk on the systems that I would have to uninstall or force me to start from scratch to build an image.  Given my experience with other vendors, I expected I would need to de-crapify the system before it’s usable or to prevent dealing with a dozen ‘courtesy’ subscriptions expiring and consuming resources to remind you to hand over your credit card.  However, I only found three items that needed removal; a browser error re-director, Google toolbar and Symantec AntiVirus.  (Only to load our own licensed copy and prevent problems with the free subscription expiring).  Yes, some de-crapifying had to be done, but nowhere near what I expected.

I guess I was so surprised at my good fortune given the way the PC industry is these days.  I don’t know if any other vendors are planning to follow suit, but I certainly hope so.