MOR 150 – Nerd Fight!

Podcast March 13th, 2011

Recorded: March 13, 2011
Your Hosts: Keith Albright and Steve Murawski (Special Guest Appearance by Keanu Reeves)

Show Length:1:06:03


  • We discuss Chapter 7 – Networking
    • OSI Model
    • Physical/Logical Network Diagrams
    • Designing and maintaining a clean architecture
    • Terminology
    • Protocol selection and vendor interoperability
  • VLAN’s as a security model – Nerd Fight between Keith and Steve – Send in your opinions on the topic to Feedback [at]

Read the full show notes here.

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Steve – PICC Conference

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2011 Scripting Games Are Coming!

Scripting March 10th, 2011

2011 Scripting Games

Grab this badge here!

The 2011 Scripting Games start on April 4th.

This year is the first year that all the scripts must be in PowerShell.

If you are not familiar with the Scripting Games, they are two weeks of real world inspired challenges that allow you to demonstrate your scripting chops.  Every day a new challenge (or event) is revealed.  There are two categories, Beginner and Expert, so there are challenges for everyone, no matter how experienced.

After each event is revealed, competitors can submit their scripts to the Scripting Games PoshCode repository, where an internationally recognized judges will score every submission (guess what.. I’m a judge this year..).  After the event closes, an “Expert Solution” will be provided as a sample of the event could be solved, including an explanation on how they got there.

If you are new to scripting, this is a great way to get started, no pressure, with real examples and solutions from recognized experts.

If you really want to find out more about how the even runs, take a look at last year’s events and solutions.. 

Or check out the 2011 Scripting Games Study Guide.

This is a great opportunity to flex your scripting might or start building your scripting muscles..

Hope to see you there!

MOR 149 – Default Denied

Podcast March 6th, 2011

Recorded: March 6, 2011
Your Hosts: Keith Albright and Steve Murawski
Show Length: 56:01


  • Remember the Default Deny rule
  • iSCSI and Hyper-V Troubles
  • VMWare and Windows Server 2008 R2 video problem
  • DNS and Office Communication Server
  • Meeting Room A/V Project
  • What to do when a machine loses secure channel to DC
  • Neighbors Laptop virus woes

Read the full show notes here.

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Keith – – From DOS 5 to Windows 7 – An Upgrade story

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TechMentor Approaching Fast!

General Interest February 28th, 2011

You’re not too late for TechMentor Orlando, March 14 – 18, 2011 at Disney’s Yacht Club.

TechMentor is offering Mind of Root listeners the best discount so far – $400 discount off the 5 Day Best Value Conference Pass (discount applies to the Standard rate and new registrations only)!

Register at with the code UGTM3 for the discount.If you’ve never attended it, TechMentor is 5 intensive and informative days of immediately-applicable training on today’s critical IT topics – everything from Active Directory to Virtualization – with a specific track and several sessions on PowerShell.Go to if you want to know more about sessions and speakers.

Need to Validate Your BFFs?

General Interest February 27th, 2011

Microsoft offer a BFFValidator…  Need I say more?

Actually, I do.. what this unfortunately abbreviated product does is validate binary file formats for doc, xls, and ppt files.

PICC – Sessions Posted

Career February 27th, 2011

April 29-30 is the Professional IT Community Conference in New Brunswick, NJ.  They’ve recently posted the talks and training sessions available

I’ll be teaching a four hour PowerShell Fundamentals class and you’ll find other training like "Grokking Python", "Over the Edge System Administration", "Advanced Time Management: Team Efficiency" and many more…

MOR 148 – The Secret Of My SXS

Podcast February 10th, 2011

Recorded: February 10, 2011

Your Hosts: Keith Albright and Steve Murawski
Show Length: 1:01:45


Read the full show notes here.

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Steve – – Free web-based chat client

Keith – – Funny songs for viral videos

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Book Club #6

Book Club, Show Stuff February 10th, 2011

The sixth installment of our Mind Of Root Book Club will be covering Chapter 7 in The Practice of Systems and Network Administration.We’ll review Chapter 7 on February 24th, so post your comments or send in your feedback!Chapter 7 covers Networking, in all it’s glory.  Some questions to focus our review are:

  1. Do you have a network diagram?  (physical and logical)
  2. What redundancy does your network design provide?
  3. How do you label your network cables and endpoints?
  4. Where do you do your routing? (Static routes on hosts, routers, layer 3 switches, etc..) And where do you do your access control lists (ACLs)?
  5. Do you segment your network with VLANs?
  6. How do you monitor your network?

Feel free to comment on any aspect of the chapter though.

MOR 147 – Snow Reboots

Podcast February 3rd, 2011

Recorded: February 3, 2011

Your Hosts: Keith Albright and Steve Murawski
Show Length: 1:12:30


Read the full show notes here.

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Steve – – Free web-based chat client

Keith – – Free web-based screen sharing app from LogMeIn

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No Live Stream Tonight

Podcast January 27th, 2011

Due to schedules and life, we won’t be able to do a live stream tonight.  We will be posting a show in the next couple of days to continue the book club reviews.Thanks for your patience.